Tucson 2001


These thumbnails are roughly in chronological order from 4 July through 12 July, starting with views from the hotel balcony to the sunset taken from the airport in Phoenix.



Along the left side of the screen are a set of thumbnail pictures. You may have to scroll the panel to see them all. These are previews of the pictures available. Simply click on one of the images on the left and these instructions will be replaced with a larger version of that picture.

The numbers below the thumbnail picture indicate the size of the picture that will be displayed. The smaller number on the left is the default size and is suitable for most modem connections. The larger number on the right shows the image at the maximum size available and will take longer to display. You will probably also have to scroll the larger image to see it all unless you have a wonkin' big display.

Picture Sets

When there are too many pictures to put in one set of thumbnails, I have broken them up in to sets. Across the top of the screen are a set of links that control which pictures you see in the thumbnail panel. Clicking on one of the set titles will replace the thumbnail panel with that set of pictures. You can go back to the original set of thumbnails by clicking the correct link -- usually the leftmost. In some cases, of course, there will only be one set to choose from.

The "RETURN" link will take you back to the previous page.

Special Thanks

Photo layout wizardry completely due to the rocket science of Dave Kensiski's frameit tool for Solaris and Linux. It can be downloaded from http://www.kensiski.org. Just make sure you read the GNU General Public License that governs its use ;-)