Eyes Adrift - Slims, San Francisco, CA - 28 January, 2002

Well, Jeff came through. I didn't. Work has me swamped, so for expediency's sake and 'cause I know you want them...Here's the SF show from 28 Jan 2002 from Slims. I dug it.

So if you could write me titles to the tracks If I've made mistakes and I'll change them as soon as my workload permits.

Again, many thanks to Jeff...looks like I owe you yet another pint or two...

Updated song titles on tracks 3,6,7,8 and 11 on good info from Nicole.



03 Sleight of Hand.mp3



06 Pyramids.mp3

07 Dottie Dawn and Julie Jule.mp3

08 Stiffed on Payday.mp3



11 Pasted.mp3

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